Taking stock {Summer 2017}

One of the pleasures of summer showing up at the doorstep in full swing (that is, a blazing sun, music blasting from cars with open windows, and HOLIDAYS) is using this time to take stock of the last year.

I know, it’s not New Year’s Eve, but somehow this is when I get a true feeling of closure when it comes to what happened in the last 12 months. Maybe it’s because my workplace follows the academic year. Maybe it’s because my own mind and body still follow the academic year. Maybe it’s because I’ll be spending ten days at the seaside and the sea will wash everything away like it has always done, year after year.

This is the series I took inspiration from for this yearly Taking Stock. If you too want to close your year and enjoy the summer with newfound spirit and energy, try taking stock in your journal. Use quotes, pictures, receipts – whatever you have collected in these months and that reminds of something important and unique – something that is worth celebrating.

Have fun!

Made: watercolor bookmarks (yeah!)

Cooked: a lot of second-breakfast snacks for my colleagues at the coop

Drank: my first Piña Colada (so good!). I’m more a Bailey’s type, but in summer nothing beats a drink with some fruit in it

Read: Jonathan Stroud’s new ghost novels and many rereadings of my favourite books. (Also, To Kill a Mockinbird.)

Trawled: the whole city to find a black lipstick. (So that I could accomplish another step of my “becoming-the-crazy-cousin” plan.)

Wanted: this

Looked: at a real, living owl for the first time in my life

Decided: to stop apologizing and saying ‘thank you’ instead

Wished: for a miracle to happen (and we’re almost there)

Liked: the surprising calm of taking a stage fight course on Saturday mornings

Loved: an impromptu trip to Bologna to tour the David Bowie Is exhibition. I thought I’d lost it since I couldn’t fly to London in time, but when I discovered that they were hosting it in Bologna in September, I thought, this is a sign! Worth the trip, the mosquitoes, the sleepless night.

Dared: taking part in my first short story contest (!!!)

Listened: Kristen’s That’s What She Said! podcast. I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but this one is truly amazing!

Considered: a totally unexpected holiday in September, maybe at the seaside or in Scotland (yeah, I know, totally the same thing XD)

Thanked: my long-time mentor for these wonderful four years together

Watched: mostly TV series (Flash, Shadowhunters) and educational YouTube videos on everything (like the art of editing or the secret life of crows)

Played: Etrian Odyssey II: The Fafnir Knight, Witcher 3, Overwatch

Needed: a female superhero movie not made for men

Wore: pineapple glasses. (I regret nothing.)

Learned: how to fight with both a medieval and a renaissance sword on a stage (an amazing skill I’m absolutely proud of)

Discovered: how my curiosity & multipotentialite nature are wonderful for writing impossible articles

Felt: my joints ache after being thrown on the floor by my sparring partners. (And enjoying every inch of it.)

Heard: the most awesome bird ever???

Celebrated: what makes me unique

Embraced: what I need

Hope you enjoyed reading my year-in-review! I won’t be posting anything in August, as I’ll be travelling around, drinking Piña Colada after Piña Colada (joking!), and in general recharge myself for the upcoming year. We’ll see each other again in September! Take care&have fun:)


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