This is a collection of books I loved. (And that changed my life.) I won’t say that they will change yours too. But I hope that, at least, they’ll add something (hope, delight, comfort) to your day.

This list will be updated whenever I’ll find something new and interesting. If you have recommendations, let me know!

And now… Enjoy!

P.S. There are no links to Amazon or other online sellers. The only links provided here are for those books that are free online. If you want to buy them and have the money to do so, order them from your local bookstore & give back to your community. If you can’t, check the nearest library or absolutely, feel free to order them from the cheapest store you can find.

  • Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way – on reconnecting with your inner artist
  • Betty Edwards, The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – on (re)learning how to observe
  • Mark Kistler, You Can Draw in 30 Days – on how to draw stuff
  • Alessandro D’Avenia, L’arte di essere fragili – on the meaning of life
  • James Hillman, The Soul’s Code. In search of character and calling – on vocation
  • Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That? – on abusive relationships (suggested reading even if you are in a queer relationship)
  • Harrier Lerner, The Dance of Connection – on talking when there are Big Emotions playing in the field
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves – on finding your inner wild self
  • Krishnananda, Amana, Face to Face with Fear – on understanding your fears
  • Kelly McGonigal, The Willpower Instinct – on developing your willpower
  • Christopher Peterson, Martin E.P. Seligman, Character Strengths and Virtues – on self-knowledge
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses in Every Woman – on feminine archetypes
  • Barbara Sophia Tammes, Blueprint for your Castle in the Clouds – a book-size, guided visualization of our mind, emotions, and life (review)
  • Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook – a good reading, no matter whether you’re still at school or not
  • Cal Newport, How to Win at College – on navigating university life without ruining your life
  • Chip Heath, Dan Heath, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard – (… Well, the title says it all!)
  • Cal Newport, Deep Work. Rules for focused success in a distracted worldon making fulfilling work, mastery, and how to fight distractions
  • Barbara Sher, Wishcraft. How to get what you really want – on understanding what you want to achieve & how to get there (link)
  • Clover Letter – daily, for girls who deserve better (link)
  • Goodnewsletter – weekly, to hear about the helpers – and believe in the world again (link)

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