Online places you can visit when you are stressed out

A love list of online tools to help you breathe again.

If you need to relax, these websites will help you! (Plus, most of them are really cute.)

There is a folder in the toolbar of my browser called “Helpful.”

Inside, there is a collection of websites that I go to when I need to de-stress, laugh, or just let off steam. While I love walking and playing as ways to relax, sometimes it is impossible to resort to any of them – and the Internet becomes the only accessible place for me to feel better.

This list will be updated whenever I’ll discover something new. I heartily recommend all of these, having tested them for quite some time, and I hope that more and more will pop up in the future. (By the way, if you have any suggestion, send me an e-mail!)

I hope you’ll enjoy them & find them helpful.

1. If you want to RELAX…

: Follow this paintbrush with your eyes.
: Listen to calming sounds.
: Weave silk on your screen.
: Create neon flames.
: Play this game.
: Or, paint a song.

2. If you want to VENT…

: Visit the thoughts room.
: Or, rewrite a situation where you were hurt.
: Talk with someone online.
: Destroy a computer. (If you are in an office, though, turn off the speakers!)

3. If you want to SMILE…

: We have emergency kittens.
: Also, here you can undisgruntle yourself.
: What about a cute overload? (The website’s on hiatus, but the archives are still online.)

4. If you want COMFORT…

: Spend some time in the dawn room.
: Visit the nicest place on the Internet.
: Listen to someone assuring you that it gets better.
: Or read stories that will give you hope.
: Check your emotional baggage.

5. If you want to DISTRACT YOURSELF…

: Tour among the stars.
: Play any of these cute games.
: Make sick beats (WARNING: flashing images) or play your QWERTY.
: Watch a TED talk. (Look here if you want to laugh. Look here if you have just 10 minutes to spare.)

6. If you want to CALM DOWN…

: Visit the stress analyst.

7. Finally, if you are not stressed out right now but want to avoid that in the future…

: Let this interactive guide take care of your self-care.
: Read this Wikihow article on how to be the best you can be. (It makes quite a lot of good points!)


P.S. You can also answer one or two of these questions to know yourself or print and fill in this little workbook to find your values.

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