The Creative Novice Oracle Cards

How to get out of your comfort zone (a tiny bit).

If you don't think you are an artist... try playing with the Creative Novice Oracle Cards

We often connect creativity with novelty. “How creative!” – we say it when we see something new.

To be creative means to find patterns between two or more things, patterns which didn’t exist before. In that sense, we are all creative. When we get out of the comfort zone, the known path, the established, we are practicing our own creativity.

And this last month was a huge exercise in driving full-speed against the borders of my comfort zone – à la Mad Max, freaking huge wagon and flameguitarist included.

Last March one of my favourite bloggers, Beth from Little Red Tarot, hosted Kristen’s #createthisoracledeck challenge. We’d create an oracle deck with no restrictions of medium thanks to 30 daily prompts and then post them on Instagram. I love using Tarot for self-exploration and thought this would have been a good exercise – plus, I could share my own deck on my blog.

I chose a theme – a deck for those who want to play with their own creative side – and a medium – watercolors.

Here’s the thingI don’t know how to paint with watercolours.

I’m definitely an amateur, in the positive sense of the word. I’ve never taken lessons, except some YouTube tutorials, and of course I’ve never shared my watercolours on the Internet so far.

BUT. As Kristen wrote, “it’s not about the art.” It’s about the process of creating something, and enjoying it. It’s about playing. In my case, it was also about making a deck others could play with – and it was exactly about the art.

I chose this theme because I too used to think I wasn’t an artist. I hadn’t created any masterpiece. I wasn’t famous. Therefore, I wasn’t an artist. I was weighing my creativity down with all these expectations and had forgotten that creativity is above all else play. When there is too much seriousness, creativity withers. When there is playfulness, it unfolds.

I know I am not a “great” artist – but I am, therefore I create.

Enter the Creative Novice Oracle Cards.

If you don't think you are an artist... try playing with the Creative Novice Oracle Cards

This deck is for those who don’t think of themselves as artists. My idea was to paint some of the tools and concepts I learnt about creativity, so that the reader could toy with them whenever they experienced a block to un-stuck themselves.

Some prompts were definitely challenging, and it was über fun to interpret them in light of creativity. (Only a few days ago I learnt that Kristin had created a guidebook to go with the challenge. Argh! I needed it!) Some were more immediate. But it was exactly what I needed to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone, and have fun.

You can download the deck for free here. (You can print the cards on cardstock if you like shuffling them, but you don’t have to – once I just spread the cards face down on the table and chose one.) There is also a short guidebook included with a few keywords and prompts about each card. (See if you can connect the original prompts with the cards!)

How to use it: when you feel stuck, draw a card and see what it inspires you.

I hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them. And believe me… we are all artists.

Much love & keep creating

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  1. What a beautiful deck, Bianca! Thanks for participating in my challenge and how lovely of you to offer your deck to others. There is now a Create This Oracle Deck course people can join for free to get all the details on the challenge and to be inspired by photos from other participants. The course includes symbol insights for each prompt so you can make your own guidebook. I’d love to include a link to this blog post in the course. Please let me know if that’s okay. Here’s the link to my school:

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