On books, lists, and launching into a different year

After a long holiday, I should be greeting you back, asking you how your holiday was and tell you a bit about mine. But I want to start a different way, by saying…

Thank you. Thank you for having been there. Thank you for having come back again. Thank you, if you have focused your attention elsewhere, for the gift of your time. Thank you, if you’ve come back, for having chosen, after all the horrible events of this summer, that my blog was still worth part of your life and energy. You’ve been few so far, but I am grateful for every single second you dedicated to reading my blog. You helped me think that my work somehow mattered. I cannot but wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

And now, let’s start…

In one of my first articles, I wrote about some autumn rituals to recharge ourselves after the loud, outward-ly energy of summer and before the inward-moving of winter. (At least, here in the northern hemisphere.) But for many of us, September is also some kind of New Year’s Eve – we come back to school/work after the holidays, and we start making plans for the next year.

One of my favourite Autumn Rituals is looking for new books to read. If you too celebrate the season this way… I have a gift for you!

This is a collection of books I loved. (And that changed my life.) I won’t say that they will change yours too. But I hope that, at least, they’ll add something (hope, delight, comfort) to your day.

The list will be updated as soon as I find something interesting to recommend. It usually takes me some time before suggesting a book, because I like waiting for a few months to see if and how it has affected my life in some way. Some books are like coffee – they blow your mind the moment you read them. Some books are like liquors – they have to macerate in the back of your mind for a while to BLOW your mind.

Of course, the blowing part is personal. Maybe you already know some of the things the authors wrote. But sometimes, a different wording or a metaphor can change everything. Whatever gift they’ll bring to your life, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Another beloved Autumn Ritual of mine is writing a list of new things to do. During the year, though, I realized that the list didn’t really work for me anymore. At first, I thought it was only a matter of too many items or not having the list in my sight every day. But now I’ve come to believe that, even though going out of my comfort zone is important, that’s not the key. It’s about well-being, and fun. It’s about building a life that fulfills both my need for grounding and my desire of always having a look in the unknown.

What I compiled is no more a new-things-to-do list, but a list of ingredients that I’d love to add to my life right now. Some are habits. Some are experiences. Some are about kindness, and giving. I chose to list only two items for each category to better focus my attention & intention. These categories don’t encompass all aspects of my life, but they are the ones I want to focus more on right now. If I’ll want to add something new, I’ll have to complete one of the others first. Feel free to take inspiration & adapt to your needs:)


  • write in my journals at least once a week
  • learn more about my ancestries

Creativity & adventure

  • join a flashmob
  • create a 1-hour-a-week habit to devote only to purely creative endeavours (mostly DIYs)

Intellectual stimulation

  • collaborate to a zine
  • take a course on a scientific subject


  • commission an artist on Tumblr
  • specifically volunteer as a writer for an association or a digital project


  • learn a cool dance move
  • take a course in whisky tasting (starting from the difference between ‘whisky’ and ‘whiskey’)

Lastly, within two Mondays I’ll inaugurate a new column on The Inner Atlas! It will be a monthly column, with lots of thoughts and journaling prompts. (Also, hint: it’s about one of my biggest interests.) It was a delight to write, and I hope it’ll be a delight to read.

And now… wishing you all a wonderful, cozy September!


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