Be your own activist

Because only you can make ‘yourself’ happen.

A gentle reminder for those who think that their goals are "nothing special."

What do you want to do?

That’s a very interesting question. A difficult one to answer, too. Maybe you don’t know how to say what it is that you want. Maybe you feel embarrassed to declare it, just because it’s nothing über-impressive like “find a cure for cancer” or “stop the fossil industry – forever.” Maybe you want to do several things at once and can’t just choose one. For the moment, though, I’d like you just to forget about these worries.

I’m curious to know what you want to do in your life.

What do you want to achieve?

What do you believe in?

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Your answer can be one sentence, a bullet-point list, or a visionary essay.

Just pour your heart into it.

“I want to write books to help girls* feel more confident in themselves.”

“I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.”

“In my world, educatyoion will be affordable to anyone.”

“I want people to be more conscious of how they use tech.”

“I want to raise a happy family.”

There is no right or wrong answer. As long as it fills you up with enthusiasm… as long as it pushes you to overcome fear… as long as it comes from a place of love… it’s okay. Just do it.


No one will create this particular kind of change the way you can.

You have a unique vision. And no matter what others may think or say, your vision is what the universe needs. Which means that, if you tell the universe what you want to do but then you don’t do it… it won’t happen.

Only you can create this change.

Look for your purpose. Look for what makes you you.


Be your own activist.

Tell me: what do you want to do to right now? What do you want to change in the world?

PURPOSE. noun.

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
From the Old French porposer “to put forth.”


A person who believes strongly in social change and takes action to make this happen.
From the Latin actus, past participle of agere “to do, set in motion, drive.”


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