7 steps to make a fine cup of authentici-tea

How to brew your authenticity (Caution! Magic happens)

Fill teapot with clean water

High-in-sodium or contaminated water does not make a good tea. Your inner water is what goes through your self, on all levels – body, emotions, thoughts, spirits. Close your eyes. How does this water feel? Would you drink it? Would you make authentici-tea out of it?

Choose the right boiling point

Each type of tea loves specific temperatures for brewing, but as a rule of thumb, somewhere between 70° and 100° works fine. Of course, everybody has their own taste, and when served your authentici-tea, they’ll either find it lukewarm (Variations include “Why aren’t you speaking?/Don’t be so boring! BE MORE SPONTANEOUS!!!”) or scorching, straight-outta-Mordor style (“WHAT??? Why can’t you be COOL about it?????”). This happens. Say, “okay,” turn around and look for others who will appreciate the warmth of your cup of authentici-tea.

Use loose-leaf teas

Traditional, small teabags don’t leave much room for the leaves to absorb water, and water too cannot extract all the flavor from sad, compressed leaves. Well, authentici-tea needs space too – space to be vulnerable, to be Sad and Angry and Scared, to freak out or explain why you can’t really do the thing. It’s okay. So many of us have been trained into thinking that our being authentic won’t be received well by others, and trying it again after a long time will bring out all kinds of strong, festering emotions. And that’s okay. Sit with them. Let the water flow. Let the leaves breathe.

Pre-heat the teapot

Having the pot already warm before adding tea leaves and hot water will keep tea hot for a longer time. “Warm” yourself by practicing little acts of authentici-tea every day. What would make you feel stronger and hungry for more authentici-tea in your life today?

Choose your additives with care

Whether it’s lemon or milk, sugar or berries, all of them add something to your tea – maybe a sweeter flavor, texture, softness, or even healing properties. However, they can also hide a cup of old or not properly brewed tea. For example, many think that being spontaneous means being authentic – but what if being spontaneous means throwing tables whenever you feel a tad angry, or walling out others when they do not agree with you? What do you think adds flavor to your authentici-tea, but is actually not part of your best self? Whereabouts do you think there is space for you to grow?

Serve with both sweet and savory treats

Both kinds of snacks can blend wonderfully with your tea and enhance its flavor, and authentici-tea too needs both sugar and spice. While it is easy to be authentic when we are happy and everything goes well, it’s more difficult – but so, so rewarding – to be authentic when we’re served bitter times.

Serve at the right time

Which, for authentici-tea, doesn’t exist – now is the right time to serve it. The pleasure of authentici-tea, after all, lies not in the hour nor the space, but in the act of serving it.


P.S. Add a pinch of “Why?” or a spoon of North Star to maximize its magic.

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{Original picture: Igor Miske via Unsplash}

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