Hello! My name is Bianca.

I’m a writer and multipotentialite, living in an old city in northern Italy. Currently I’m studying to become a certified counselor. (One year and a half to go!)

Aside from writing, I love reading and taking long walks. My hobbies have included all sorts of crafts (name it, I made it), but right now I’m learning watercolors and stage fight.

My hero is Sailor Jupiter.
If I could, I would steal Magnus Bane’s wardrobe.
My motto is: “Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”


This website is a mix between a blog, a journal and an anthology. Here I share what I’m discovering about self-knowledge, creativity, communicating with yourself & others, and generally, how to understand and untangle yourself to get closer to your potential.

Why? Because I believe that, when we know who we are, we live at our fullest. Our life becomes clear and meaningful. We operate with a lucid understanding of what we want, feeling stronger and at the same time open to change, instead of hurting each other out of fear, confusion, and loneliness. Which makes the world a kinder place.

That’s why I love to say, Understanding who you are changes everything.”

This is my blog. But it is also your basecamp to draw an atlas of you. Your values and desires, your fears and potential… your inner world, to illuminate and discover, one step at a time.

If you want to take off with your voyage of inner exploration, you can read more about my counseling model here and here. Or, if you love a hands-on approach, you can start by writing your own definition of happiness, understanding your dreams, or by asking yourself who you imagine you are. Or a thousand more things.

If you want to connect, you can find me me here.

Have a nice stay!

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering yourself more and more.